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Whether you’re a first time home buyer or real estate veteran, buying a home can be a confusing, frustrating and competitive process. It is essential to have the right realtor and advocate on your side. Read below to learn how C.C. Wall will champion you through this process and find you the perfect home at the best possible price.

Extensive Local Experience and Resources

Finding the perfect home starts with finding the perfect neighborhood, and as a long-term Providence resident, C.C. is an expert on nearly every street! Try telling her an address and she’ll easily list nearby schools, shops, restaurants and traffic patterns. Tell her your ideal price point and priorities that you have for your new community and she’ll work with you to find a spot that feels perfect to you. Then, she’ll work tirelessly to find you fabulous home matches in that area.

Buying a home also relies much on timing, so it is important to have a proactive agent who will show you homes as soon as they are listed. As an agent of Residential Properties, one of the largest real estate companies in the state, and with invaluable connections to the Greater Providence Board of Realtors C.C. sees almost every home on the market and can provide you urgent new listing alerts to get you involved as soon as possible.

Once you’ve discovered a home that is a perfect match, you’ll get our team’s full attention in deciphering the many real estate forms, negotiating an agreeable price, preparing financing, understanding the legal aspects of home ownership, and any other hoop-jumping that is necessary for you to make the right decision and be 100% satisfied. We invite you to visit our Team Page to read about C.C.’s expert client coordinator, administrative associate, home inspector, attorney and relocation specialist.

Industry-Leading Knowledge

As an M.B.A.-holder and a leader in the Rhode Island real estate market, C.C. is a fanatic for analytics. Her annual market reports serve as reference guides for agents throughout the area, and her keen identification of new trends has made her an unparalleled source for any home buyer. She takes pride in educating her clients about their chosen neighborhoods, be it sharing statistics on market conditions or showing you what’s sold most recently to give you a sense of the competitiveness within your area. C.C. knows that the best home buying decisions are those that are wisely informed, and she’ll go above and beyond to make you a fast expert on your home search.

Unwavering Negotiation Skills

Decades of experience in the Marketing and Real Estate worlds has conditioned C.C. to approach each transaction with steady determination, ambition and a positive attitude. For C.C. Wall, a “no” answer is simply an invitation to try harder or apply a more creative strategy.

If you have found your perfect home, C.C. will work with you to write a compelling offer, ensure that it is presented as soon as possible, persevere on your behalf, and compete tirelessly in a multiple offer scenario. Ask any member of C.C. Wall’s team and they will tell you about a supposedly “no-win” situation in which C.C. kept fighting for her buyer client’s needs (long after other agents might have given up) and ultimately, triumphed.

Trust and Reputation

We know that you have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting a realtor and advocate in your home buying process, and we feel it’s only right that if you work with our team, you be a 24-hour top priority. Ultimately, buying a home is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make if your life, and every day that we work with you, we want to remind you what an honor it is to lead you through this weighty decision. Our promise is to provide you expert, trustworthy advice, to diligently earn and keep your trust, share in your enthusiasm, honor your time, and guide you towards a home purchase that feels perfect to you.

We believe it is a result of this passionate, dedicated, caring and generous service that over 90% of our business arises from a former or existing client relationship. We invite you to read reviews from our past buyers on our Testimonials Page.

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