Meet Your Neighbor: Julien Touafek!

Who is flocking to the creative capital?

The creative capital is a destination for creative people bringing inventive ideas and original
initiatives. One newcomer to College Hill is Julien Touafek, only 22 years old, already an
accomplished artist in many fields. As a composer, he has written pieces for Juilliard ensembles,
int’l festivals and others. Currently, he commutes to NYC several times a week on composing
fellowships for the NY Youth Symphony and BMI Musical Theatre Workshop. Just prior to
coming to Providence, he premiered his String e speQuartet No. 1 “The Nightingale” at the
highSCORE Contemporary Music Festival in Pavia, Italy. This was preceded by a month
singing in La Boheme in Tuscany with Oberlin Conservatory. His original musical about the
French-Algerian war, Land of the Setting, opened at the Between the Seas Festival in August
2011 in NYC.

Coming to Providence was an unexpected delight for Julien, “My parents moved to here three
years ago attracted by the creativity, walkability, culture and food. They have loved it so much.
What a delightful surprise I had coming here to base my work, which can take me anywhere
in the world. Providence is home to some amazing, world-class restaurants, theatres, retailers,
academic institutions and even architecture, and I am so thrilled to be contributing to the vitality
of the city in the advancing of excellence in music through Providence Premieres.”

Sensing an opportunity in Providence, Julien is Founder and Artistic Director of Providence
Premieres, a new music festival with a concert of World Premieres at the Gov. Lippitt House on
April 19, 2013: Creative Music for the Creative Capital. The concert will feature newly written
works for Providence by nationally recognized emerging composers from Providence, New York
City, Chicago and Los Angeles, and performed by three world-class musicians. This will be a
historic evening as this group of remarkable composers will be traveling to Providence to receive
their World Premieres. Funded in part by a RISCA grant, special thanks goes to Residential
Properties for their sponsorship and enthusiastic support of this endeavor. For more information
on attending the concert and cocktail reception go to