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Do you want to live in a close-knit community with a genuine small New England town feel, on the waterfront, and be just a few minutes from the city center? Almost anywhere else in the country, you would be asking too much, but here in greater Providence, your wish can be your reality.

The Edgewood neighborhood is actually the eastern part of the city of Cranston and adjacent to Providence. Edgewood residents have such a sense of pride in their community, that the uninitiated would never know that Edgewood is not a chartered town in its own right. Bordering Providence’s bucolic, manicured Roger Williams Park with its acres of mature trees, ponds, botanic gardens, a carousel, swan boats, and an award-winning zoo, Edgewood enjoys easy access to some of the finest open space in the state.

Much of Edgewood is a National Register Historic Distric with flowering, lining wide streets of grand Victorian homes. Access to the water, marina, and the Edgewood Yacht Club make the community one to consider.

Right next to Edgewood, Pawtuxet Village is a neighborhood encompassing parts of both Cranston and Warwick, where the Pawtuxet and Providence rivers meet beautiful Narragansett Bay. The scale of the Village belies the enormous impact it has had on American history.

In 1772, more than a year before the Boston Tea Party, Pawtuxet Village was the site of the first organized act of rebellion against British rule when a group of Rhode Island patriots burned the HMS Gaspee, a British tax ship. A celebration and commemoration of the event, Gaspee Days, is held each June.

Today, it is safe to be a boat of any flag off the shores of Pawtuxet Village, whether at anchor, docked at a marina, or at the Rhode Island Yacht Club. The Village also supports a host of local businesses including restaurants and cafes, antique dealers, bookstores, and gift shops. Many homes dating to the early years of the republic remain in this upbeat and vibrant community that continues to look to the future without losing sight of the past.

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